Vincent Briatore

Vincent Briatore

Vincent Briatore is a Cryptocurrency Youtuber.

Who is Vincent Briatore?


Vincent Briatore is a Cryptocurrency Youtuber. He is an Italian-American Entrepreneur and cryptocurrency trader. He gives out trading tips, and talks about undervalued coins for nearly a year through his YouTube channel. The beginning of 2017 is when his life truly changed with a 45k investment in Ethereum at $4 per coin. (Current Value is around 300$).

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2 Community Ratings

Mike D.
Rating :

Vincent briatore is a fucking scam artist!! Just like suppoman is. Like seriously, 1/5 of his video’s are actually having something of value in them, the rest is just promotional crap.

I really dont get why people follow this douche

Sir John
Rating :

I did reconize he does has a way of putting really high numbers of gains in his video’s, like could that even be real? maybe some people fall for it, but it sounds all a bit of a fugazi to me.

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