Cryptobud is a Cryptocurrency Youtuber.

Who is CryptoBud?


Ivan Leon also known as CryptoBud is a famous Crypto Youtuber. He gives a detailed analysis of coins and market trends, he considers to be important. He does on occasion give sponsored reviews, but he always mentions this at the outset (which is not always the case for some reviewers). We have found his review to be very professional and he does a good job asking the right questions. He also has started CryptoBud Media, where he trains people in technical analysis, fundamental analysis, portfolio management, security, and market psychology. You should definitely check out his channel. If you want to join CryptoBud Media you can do so by donating monthly to his Patreon. 




One of the great things about CryptoBud is that he is a veteran in this market. He is been around for quite some time and definitely knows what he is talking about. Further to that he seems down to earth and doesn't only think about the money, hence him still having a daytime job. He has a discord with an active community found on his Patreon page. This is one of the Youtuber we think is a real hidden gem and worth diving into. 

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Ivan Leon seems like a really stand up guy. His videos are really thorough and well structured. Further to that he asks the right questions during his interviews and seems to be well respected by the CEO’s he is interviewing. I havent been a member of his discord but after reading this and watching plenty of his video’s im seriously considering it. Hope he gets more attention. I like him way over Suppoman.

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