Samsom Mow

Samsom Mow

Samsom Mow is a Cryptocurrency Twitter influencer.

Who is Samsom Mow?


Samsom Mow is a Cryptocurrency Twitter influencer. He is a Canadian video game developer, CEO and founder of the game development company Pixelmatic. Mow has a Bachelor of Business Administrator form Simon Fraser University. Samson worked in Relic Entertainment, where he was in charge of game balance for Company of Heroes and Dawn of War — both of which later became critically approved and successful games.

Samson Mow later worked as COO in BTC China and as director of production for Ubisoft Entertainment. Today, Samson Mow is the CSO of Blockstream, an entrepreneur and marketing strategist. Samson Mow is a Bitcoin expert and is often invited to various blockchain gatherings, events and conferences, where he, for example, famously debated Roger Ver about Bitcoin scaling. Mow is also a popular author for various financial and cryptocurrency-related magazines.

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