Coindar is a Cryptocurrency calendar and updates daily.

What is Coindar?

All the time, crypto speculators need to confront the difficulties of scams, manipulation of trading, and also fake cryptocurrency news. To make descend profit, traders need the right sources to help them avoid trading on these missteps, by providing the right information. Coindar is the tool to provide you with exactly this.

Coindar is a cryptocurrency calendar helps crypto-investors make more money. It's easier to predict cryptocurrency growth when you know about coming events, such as hard forks or listing on a new exchange. Besides it, here you can find some quality forecasts of cryptocurrency price, convenient portfolio for investment accounting, real-time cryptocurrency events monitoring.

An interface focused for your desktop, Coindar provides a platform for investors to actively display meetings, report milestones, add technical updates and ensuring that the right information is from the correct source.

Mainly, the crypto space depends in twitter or telegram to spread updates and milestones about projects. While you probably will not follow everyone, updates from developers with a small following base could often lead to the burial of important updates. Sometimes when you find the news too late, your opportunity for an effective trade could be gone already.

This is when Coindar can be an essential platform for crypto traders. The analytic social tool follows over 1600 blockchain developer profiles and presents a complete map of crypto Twitter.
Tracking tweets, identifies the related coin, and gives a measurable metric of the buzz around a project, update or task. Coindar ranks project based on the size of their community, here you are able to track the growth in a community and compare them with competitors. Keep in mind that there is the possibility of bots as participants and followers which could give a wrong representation of the actual numbers.




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