BreakOut Trader

BreakOut Trader

Breakout Signal provides you the best cryptocurrency signals with T.A to backup them.

What is BreakOut Trader?

BreakOut Trader provides you the best signals with T.A to backup them. They always use StopLoss for every signal. There is also a premium channel for more features if you would like to explore more trading profits.

What is the benefits for the Premium Channel members?

• More Accurate Signals
• Always Signals Before The Free Channel!
• AutoTrading Option! (Never Miss A Signal!)
• StopLoss Updates (When the first target achieved they will tell you to move your SL to the new support and lock profits.
• Scalp BreakOut Signals!
• Option To Follow Our Premium Signals & SL Updates with Cornix bot
• BTC Updates
• 20% discount on Cornix bot fees!
• Every Signal will post with Tight SL & High R:R
• We will update on active signals status every 48 hours

BINANCE Premium Channel Fees: (1-4 Binance Signals Daily)
1 Month - 0.0165 BTC
3 Months - 0.044 BTC (11% discount, about 0.014 BTC monthly)
6 Months - 0.072 BTC (30% discount, about 0.011 BTC monthly)
1 Year - 0.12 BTC (40% Discount, 0.01 BTC monthly - Recommended!)

You can also take a look here to check their accuracy from 1.1.19 when they start using Cornix- @BreakOutSignalResults

Do you want to join?
Send a message to - @BreakOutTrader

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