Lost Your Rippex Wallet? Restore Your Coins Today With This Guide

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April 7, 2019

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Rippex Wallet stopped their operation and you’re wondering how to restore your coins. We have a way!

You are not able to download the software to restore your coins with Rippex. Do not fear! Fortunately, there are other ways to get your ripple back. If you still have access to your backup or your account secret, you are able to access your ripple in a different wallet. Wallets simply are interfaces that make it easier to transact on the ledger. You do not need Rippex to gain access to your coins. You have not lost your money!

Tip: If you still have your backup or account secret, follow this instruction as soon as you would like to sell your ripple. So yes you are able to import a backup from a different wallet into another one.

Read a full instruction in this article how to restore your ripple with toastwallet. Restore coins with toast wallet View the instruction for retrieving your ripple with toast wallet in this article. Go to the Toast website and download the wallet for your operating system. You have the option to choose between the mobile or desktop version. In this instruction, we take the desktop variant as an example.

As a first step, you get a license agreement. Scroll all the way down. Here you get 3 options:

  • Create a new wallet
  • Restore an existing wallet
  • Submit offline transaction

Make the choice for restoring an existing wallet.

Here you get the option to enter a backup code to access your ripple. You received the backup code when creating your rippex wallet, it probarly is a text document that looks as followed in the picture below:

You need this code to gain access to your ripple. Copy the text and paste into the Toast wallet.

Backup restored successfully! You have now directly access to your ripple wallet

I don’t have my backup?

If you do not have the option to access your coins with your backup, there is another option. Your account secret also gives you the option to access your wallet. An account secret always starts with an S and will be viewed as followed in the picture below:

Restore wallet with account secret

To get your Ripple back with your account secret you can create a new account in Toast wallet. Once in your account, you can add a new address. Click on the blue plus sign to create a new account.

You will be shown three options:

  • Generate new address
  • Add existing address
  • Get a Vanity address

Choose the option, add existing address.

Here you can enter your account secret, in addition, you must also enter your passphrase. A passphrase is a password that you have created yourself as an extra layer of security. If you don’t have access, there is an instruction further down this article to retrieve it.

XRP address added successfully. You now have access to your wallet and ripple. Congratulations! You are now able to send ripple from your Toast wallet to the stock exchange or a broker to sell it. View our wallet overview or our exchange overview to explore different options. At Coinmarketcap you can see on which exchanges ripple is sold under the markets tab..

I’ve lost my passphrase. How do I recover my wallet using my recovery phrase?          

Go to change passphrase in the settings menu. Enter your recovery phrase where it says ‘current passphrase’ then reset your passphrase as normal. Your recovery phrase is 6 words long and could be like: mili chuto vebu kozi sino cino

If this doesn’t work make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Toast Wallet. If it still doesn’t work try to restore your backup on PC or browser version and try your recovery phrase there.

Please note:

If you do not intend to sell your XRP/Ripple it is safer to not follow this instruction. As long as you have your account secret and recovery phrase/passphrase or backup you are able to restore your wallet.


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