They might have a minor addiction to trading crypto... Signals to earn more profit with crypto.

What is Forflies?


Forflies offers premium Cryptocurrency research. This is a paid telegram channel for short term trades. This group includes access to all of his(and his team’s) analysis and trades:

  • Many exclusive VIP content pieces on margin trading strategies for those unfamiliar
  • Lessons on Technical Analysis and understanding the game of trading
  • VIP members have been able to pay off our cost in under a day with our signals!
  • VIP exclusive streams covering in depth analysis and strategies for how to game the market
  • All signals are explained fully so you know what you’re getting into and can eventually do this on your own.


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Crypthena Community Ratings

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4 Community Ratings

Rating :

This guy is a scammer do not join vip he made us lose 500% in 2 months his accuracy is horrendous.Dont let his sophisticated attitude fool you hes an idiot through and through.

Rating :

Joined VIP for 4 months… It was a mistake. His “VIP calls” and “profits” he calls are mostly non-existent. Out of 10 trades, 9 of them are trading, i was losing more money via his trades and the monthly fees (paid for a quarter) than i did previously.

When i confronted him about it, I was slammed with a boot from the Telegram channel.. No reply, no refund, nothing. Forflies is just a scammer…

Rating :

How much does he charge for VIP?

Rating :

Elijah, I have not used his VIP, so I gave him 3 stars:
Three pricing options to choose from:
⚡️Monthly: 0.15 BTC
⚡️Quarterly: 0.29 BTC
⚡️Lifetime: 1.50 BTC – ask for details first.

Prices have already been raised, and will be raised again VERY soon. There are NO plans to return to this level.

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