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Who is Cryptonary?

Director & Founder of the largest cryptocurrency brand in the world - Cryptonary. They have built within the space of 12 months a mentorship & educational package in the crypto space. Spanning several thousand members, they have formed a community of hungry & ambitious traders who have developed their skill set/expertise in market analysis, wealth growth and portfolio management throughout the teachings provided in the fully animated and personal 50+ video course.

Who is behind Cryptonary?

Toray is the man behind Cryptonary and depending on who you ask; he’s either another shady signals seller or a cryptocurrency genius. He calls himself as Cryptocurrency & FX trader/investor as a full time career whilst running Cryptonary and working alongside EverythingFX and AstroFX, specialising in the key principles of Market Psychology & Mindset, Technical Analysis, Money Management/Risk:Reward, Portfolio Diversification & Capital Growth.

He manages several 6 & 7 figure portfolios focusing a majority in the following sectors:
• Cryptocurrencies/Alt Coins
• Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's)
• Small Cap (All sectors)
• Biotech
• Emerging Markets (Europe & Asia)
• Commodities (Gold & Crude Oil)
• Foreign Exchange

He Is a regular reader and book collector, always looking to gain new knowledge in all aspects of his life. He sees nothing worse in life than becoming complacent and stuck in a comfort zone. Risk & consistency is essential for growth.

'You'll notice I may be one of the only people on LinkedIn without a tailored suit and Photoshopped display picture, that's because I let my work and results do the talking'.

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