Crypto Kirby Trading

Crypto Kirby Trading

Crypto Kirby offers premium Cryptocurrency research.

Who is Crypto Kirby?


Crypto Kirby offers premium Cryptocurrency research. Crypto Kirby Trading has a free and a VIP channel. If you joint he VIP channel you get all of Kirby’s market entries/exits/positions & more. Kirby is a hardened crypto veteran who has been in the game a very long time. Let his trackrecord speak for himself and join his free group today!

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14 Community Ratings

Rating :

Crypto Kirby thinks he’s always right and projects this feeling to brainwash more people into his paywall vip scam. The SNM debacle, the large Binance coin holdings, the small cap set and forget fiasco and now the latest bounce destroying his 4175 BTC play, but he never mentions those fails because he’s a delusional coward playing people who want to earn some money in the Crypto World.

david emsley
Rating :

he charges .45 btc per month for vip, i signed up for 3 months, after 2 months of very heavy losses i complained, and was immediately kicked out of vip with no refund and blocked, stay away he is a con man.

Rating :

@ david emsley yeah his VIP is insanely expensive, did you have any wins at all ?

david emsley
Rating :

he did get a 12% movement correct but was on the wrong side of several 15 to 30% moves, you have to watch watch his youtube videos, he gives no input on vip, never helps anyone or offers advice, and all the time he is saying how he is killing this market. HE IS A LAIR, A CHEAT, AND A SCUMBAG,

Rating :

@ the posters down, if you are looking for a decent signal service try Warsnop (listed on this site aswell.) He is humble and helps you at every step. He even does skype calls to discuss portfolio management.

Clayton Berringer
Rating :

As a former VIP member, I would strongly advise people against joining his group. To start, the fee is outrageously high for what you will get. I am a quant working for equities trading desk at a hedge fund, and I can tell you that his risk to reward ratios are highly exaggerated. You can’t just pick out his best trades – you have to look at the larger picture. During my one year as VIP, his trades averaged out to roughly 1:1 risk to reward. Even if you can replicated his trades exactly (which requires you to have access… Read more »

Jones dave crypto
Rating :

I agree kirby is a scammer..his VIP is insanely expensive and totally not worth it compared to the rest of the signals market..there is no refund policy either, no terms of service, and after you sign up you will see he covers his tracks by deleting your messages in telegram! This to me was a huge red flag. His VIP is basically a telegram channel where he posts really simple safe plays that anyone with a bit of trading experience would be able to do. He shut down the chat suddenly with no warning recently (most likely because he was… Read more »

Brad Chernikov
Rating :

Kirby is an outright scammer! You dare not say anything negative about him (even if it’s constructive criticism), or he will immediately remove you from VIP without notice. He also actively removes any comments on his videos that hint to the highly unethical business practice that he engages in. My experience with Kirby’s VIP trades has been lackluster to say the least. I was able to replicate 99% of his trades with equal dollar weighing. Over the long term his returns are close to zero, or slightly negative. With the exorbitant fee you pay him, you will never recover your… Read more »

Ed dog
Rating :

Kirby is a virgin for life, just watch his vids…. he’s not out to help yall

Igor Drozdin
Rating :

My experience as a member of Kirby’s VIP has been HORRENDOUS! You’ll be getting into and out of positions like crazy if you follow his signals. Some of his trades that start out well, still end up as loosing trades. With extremely careful bankroll management you will be lucky to break even in the long term. You will be literally longing the tops and shorting the bottoms, and then asking yourself: “Why I am paying Kirby thousand to lose more!”. On the other hand, the missed opportunities are glaringly obvious: 100% moves to the upside and 50% declines in major… Read more »

Rebecca Herrera
Rating :

It’s unfortunate, but I have to agree with these reviews. Kirby is actually not a full time trader. He is a full time master marketer of his “savage” trading skills for the average Joe and James to join the VIP. Wether he’s a scammer or not is a separate issue. But statistically speaking, Kirby’s trades suck! Recently, all communication between VIP members has been blocked. Communication with Kirby himself is always blocked after you sign up. Just very unethical business practices. I will not be returning to the VIP and urge anyone who is considering signing up to RECONSIDER.

Bob Seifert
Rating :

Kirby’s VIP club is a complete waste of money and time. Kirby hasn’t had a winning trade in months. His signals and predictions are pathetic. “Bitcoin is about to make a huge move. It can go up, or it can go down. And I will be playing it aggressively!”. Sorry dude, once you miss a 20% move, entering into apposition for a 2% potential return is not good risk to reward ratio. As a former member of Kirby’s VIP, I can tell you that for the past 6 months all off his trades resulted in a loss or break even… Read more »

Zoltan Kenner
Rating :

What can I say… my VIP experience with Kirby has been lackluster to say the least. Totally not worth the subscription fee. Last few months has seen liquidation after liquidation – not a single profitable trade. Even with excellent bankroll management, the losses accumulate until your capital get wiped out. On the other hand, he missed some gigantic opportunities: 300% up move in LTC, 100% up move in ETH, 20% rally in BTC (which he tried shorting all the way). Kirby tends to take on very risky positions after a big move that usually start out ok but turn onto… Read more »

Lev Ochkov
Rating :

Bad bad bad! People who fall for Kirby the master marketer will soon realize that he blatantly exaggerates his trading success. Sure, in a bear marker if you’re mostly shorting, you will get some good trades. However, in Kirby’s case a detailed analysis of his trades shows that he’s actually slightly worse than taking a random position. Over long term, your trading capital will VANISH! Do not fall for this guy!

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