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Crypto Insider offers premium Cryptocurrency research. The insider program is lead by George Tung who has been helping tens of thousands of investors daily with his youtube channel with over 40,000 Subscribers. George is also active on Quora with over 3 million views on his answers. Crypto insider offer a favorites board, exclusive newsletters, portfolio management, group collaboration, ICO reviews and training videos.

Their Team:

Crypto R Us Co Founder

George Tung - CoFounder of Cryptos R Us Insider

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency evangelist, enthusiast and investor
  • Founder of, a leading Cryptocurrency destination.
  • Produces daily videos and runs CryptosRUs’ YouTube channel with over 40k subscribers
  • Top contributor within several Cryptocurrency categories on Quora with over 3 million views.
  • Reporter for New article published every Friday.
  • 15 years of IT Infrastructure background

Fun Fact: George previously built an entire mining farm inside his basement consisting over 100 GPUs! The farm was mining several hundred dollars worth of Litecoin per day.

Crypto R Us Co-Founder

Milos Golubovic - CoFounder of Cryptos R Us Insider

  • Enthusiast and active investor of Bitcoin and altcoins for over 6 years
  • 15 years of Software Development experience
  • Developer of various financial systems applications

Fun Fact: Milos was one of the first to build a 7 GPU mining rig using a modified GPU driver.

Why choose for Crypto R Us Insider?

The Insider program is meant to help people who are already invested in the basic cryptos (BTC, ETC, LTC) but want to know know more. For example if should they buy or sell before a certain point in time? What about days after, is it time to buy BTC again? The members are looking for some guidance on moves and that is what is provided.

In addition the program goes over some of the lesser known coins that people would normally never look into. The very first pick for the program, a coin under 35 million total market cap was recommend with a huge potential. 

Lastly people want to learn about are the upcoming projects. There are dozens upon dozens of projects being listed and coming out weekly. It is very hard to know which ones are worth investing into. The Insider program provides detailed information on which ones are worth keeping an eye on.

Of course everyone still can utilize Cryptos R Us - Everything To Know About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies which provides cryptocurrency news and basics that is completely free.


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