Crowdability offers premium Cryptocurrency research.

What is Crowdability?


Crowdability offers premium Cryptocurrency research. Crypto Fortunes is a powerful new investment research service that provides individual investors with trading recommendations in the digital currency markets.

The service is managed by Crowdability’s founders, Matt Milner and Wayne Mulligan. Their goal is to help you identify “crypto” trades that offer quick, big upside potential. Every month, subscribers receive a new trading idea, backed up by in-depth research. Your research will include a detailed analysis of a specific crypto-currency, including fundamental analysis of the underlying technology, entry price, target price, and details about exactly how to make the trade.

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Here’s my take. At least one of the founders is a former employee of Agora Publishing and for those of you who don’t know them they are the carnies of the financial newsletter world- hucksters supreme. Crowdability’s ad copy employs the same kind of hype, however, one of their services has performed really well for me. The performance of Micro-Cap Advantage, joined recently, is as follows: Unnamed stock acquired March 2 +8.5% Marijuana Extracts Paper gains at close of June 10 Unnamed stock acquired April 29 +445% Biotech Crystallized gains June 10 Unnamed stock acquired May 31 +15% Semiconductors Paper… Read more »

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