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Crypthena is an informational website and does not write any articles, blogs or news posts themselves. Our team searches for the best articles written that matches the current cryptocurrency market and posts those articles on Crypthena. We are not affiliated with the authors or businesses behind those articles in any way, nor do we endorse our community to take any action regarding those articles. We recommend our community strongly to always do their own research and due diligence.

Please proceed with extreme caution if you are entering the cryptocurrency markets. Crypthena is not to be held responsible or liable for any investments made on the basis of an article posted on our newsfeed.

We offer a newsfeed premium package for any advertisers. The prices for these packages can be found in our advertisement brochure. The purpose of offering this premium service to our advertisers is to help fund the growth of Crypthena.

If you come across an article on or newsfeed  which you believe is fraudulent and/or harmful, or have any queries regarding this disclaimer, please contact us at .

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