Give Me 3 Minutes and I Will Make You a Better Trader

written by
James Stone

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So I’m hanging around twitter the other day.

People there are going on about how the coins they believe in are going to the moon, and if other people don’t see it ‘’it’s their problem’’. 

Was I in a thread by some shillers? Or maybe over at CZ’s twitter?

Nope. It was a ‘’professional’’ crypto influencer. 

Frankly, I’ve never heard people involved (or trying to be involved) in a business say those types of things before. It blew my mind. 

Is it because influencers, even those intended to be informational, are often paid for their tweets? 

Has simple content-management and paid advertisement warped the minds of wannabe crypto guru’s everywhere? 

Maybe, but I think it has more to do with the fact that certain so called ‘’Top Tier’’ crypto influencers, who ostensibly tweet about mooncoins, tend to prattle on about themselves and lift themselves up above the crowd. People see this and figure, “‘Hey, if he is all in, I must be too.’’


These influencers started off 2, 3 or 4 years ago, and built large audiences as early adopters. 

We’re not in 2018 anymore, Suppoman, and those same influencers would be unknowns if they started out today with that style. 

These influencers stay popular because, well…. They’re popular. But as Crypto matures, even the hangers-on will realize that life is short and their feed full with shit, and unfollow.

I know I have. 

Want to follow a top tier influencer? Try these folks: 

Madelon Vos, Benjamin Cowen, Coin Bureau

Why? They all insanely focused on delivering market research-focused value. 

Invest based on solid market research.(and not because some guy with 40K followers tells you to.)

See, that didn’t even take the full three minutes. 

Come talk to me on Twitter today! 

James Stones

James Stones is Crypthena’s Editor-in-Chief. He writes on a wide range of topics, such as the state of market, the best hedge funds or who the best non-sleazy advisers are. 

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