Xbase is a cryptocurrency trading platform, also known as a cryptocurrency exchange, they allow you to trade bitcoin against multiple other pairs of coins.

What is xBase?

Crypto equities are the future of crypto trading. Equities represent the real value of companies or projects. xBase focuses on trading various cryptocurrencies and equities of xDAC decentralized companies.


  • EQUITY TOKENS SUPPORT Start your company on xDAC platform and list your tokens on xBase. You can start trading your tokens in hours.
  • POPULAR TRADING PAIRS They are listing the common trading pairs. Trading pairs include major cryptocurrencies and protocols.
  • CRYPTO WALLET You can store all your coins or equity tokens in one place securely and efficiently. Transfer or receive crypto from anyone.
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY The exchange is built on a highly secure infrastructure consisting of 97% cold storage, 2-factor authentication, and frequent audits to ensure continuous security.
  • INTUITIVE TRADING INTERFACE A fast, powerful, and uniquely intuitive interface helps you manage your order books, charts, and trading history with ease.
  • REFERRAL PROGRAM Get commission by inviting your friends to trade..
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