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NameVolume - 24hPairsTypeLinksViewsVotes
BinanceBinance$674,498,1760Centralised 1.37K31
KucoinKucoin$204,069,6000Centralised 98827
HuobiHuobi$308,683,712413Centralised 1.16K26
BitMexBitMex$00Centralised 90126
HitBTCHitBTC$313,283,9680Centralised 1.04K24
BittrexBittrex$12,184,6270Centralised 1.02K23
IDEXIDEX$537,0820Decentralised 1.13K22
OkexOkex$681,196,1600Centralised 77620
PoloniexPoloniex$15,490,1830Centralised 63511
KrakenKraken$52,599,1800Centralised 4198
CoinsuperCoinsuper$117,450,3760Centralised 4597
Cex.IOCex.IO$1,089,4300Centralised 4574
BitstampBitstamp$45,129,2000Centralised 5253
BitfinexBitfinex$72,059,4880Centralised 3993
YobitYobit$43,162,9840Centralised 4013
LBankLBank$801,909,6960Centralised 4103
BiboxBibox$711,482,2400Centralised 3993
BithumbBithumb$619,364,2880Centralised 6533
xBasexBase$00Centralised 3013
CryptopiaCryptopia$991,0330Centralised 3842
CoinBeneCoinBene$861,345,4720Centralised 3902
GeminiGemini$4,628,57213Centralised 4152
ExmoExmo$22,068,6900Centralised 4092

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