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A list of the best Twitter Influencers in the cryptosphere.

Roger VerRoger Ver 598.79KCeo of Bitcoin Cash48910Recent Tweets
Vitalik ButerinVitalik Buterin 920.97KFounder of Ethereum4487Recent Tweets
Oh wow, an actual real-life use case of that "figure out which one of N bottles of wine is poisoned with log(N) slaves" math problem from the olympiad days.(except using inanimate tests instead of slaves... yay moral progress)CC @krzhang
This seems really dark. Not only is it very very mean to existing students who never expected this treatment, people being able to spend extended time in countries other than their own more generally is an important force for opportunity, peace and freedom.
Luke DashjrLuke Dashjr 42.96KDeveloper bitcoin core3697Recent Tweets
Marc van der ChijsMarc van der Chijs 13.54KFormer serial entrepreneur in China, now investor & crypto entrepreneur in Vancouver.2827Recent Tweets
Retweet from my new account @marcvanderchijs. I decided to start blogging regularly again. I always liked to do it and feel that having control over my own data is becoming more important (especially with Twitter censoring me). More about this on my blog:
Charlie LeeCharlie Lee 821.25KCreator of Litecoin. Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.2987Recent Tweets
Litecoin Core 0.18.1 final release is out! Who says Litecoin has no development? 😀Many thanks to all the developers that worked on this release! 👏We are already hard at work on the next release, Litecoin Core 0.20, which will bring us in line with the latest Bitcoin Core.
CTV (CheckTemplateVerify) is a very cool tech upgrade that can help Bitcoin & Litecoin scale and improve self custody solutions.For more info on CTV: sure to check out an AMA with author @JeremyRubin this Thursday at 9am PST.
Marc L. AndreessenMarc L. Andreessen 781.37KCo-founder of Netscape Communications & Co-founder of LoudCloud3856Recent Tweets
HaejinHaejin 63.79KA profound Crypto trader who gives daily analysis.2906Recent Tweets @bithades clearly owes MANY Bitcoins to Many who had re-tweeted his prior tweets with his ardent promise of 1 BTC!!Are You an Honorable Man @bithades?IF yes, then do the honorable! During 1918 Pandemic, stock market crashed and then moonshot to all time new highs only to then crash to new lower lows.Could this time be the replay?
Samsom MowSamsom Mow 105.81KCSO blockstream & Wallstreet Analyst.2776Recent Tweets
Brock PierceBrock Pierce 63.82KCo-founder of Blockchain Capital2895Recent Tweets
Yes, I was a principal founder of Tether but transferred all of my ownership in 2015 and never made a cent so I have no direct ties to this case. Tether does have $10B in annual transactional volume, inspiring governments / central banks worldwide to implement similar strategies.
Barry E. SilbertBarry E. Silbert 205.40KFounder & CEO of Digital Currency Group4655Recent Tweets
I really appreciate all of the free advertising that @PeterSchiff is doing for the @GrayscaleInvest family of funds.If you're interested in buying some shiny rocks, you should go here:
Don TapscottDon Tapscott 109.04KPresident & CEO of The Tapscott Group, Inc.4445Recent Tweets
Laura ShinLaura Shin 116.87KSenior Editor at Forbes & Co-lead Reporter of the Forbes Fintech5235Recent Tweets
On Unconfirmed, @jeffjohnroberts talks about how Coinbase could go public as early as this year with a direct listing, why he's curious about a token launch, and why he expects Coinbase's valuation to exceed the current $8 billion after going public.
Hey all, sorry to bug you again. I have yet another impostor. Would really appreciate help in reporting this one! We did manage to get the other one taken down. 🙏 to everyone who reported it!
Gavin AndresenGavin Andresen 153.14KChief Scientist at Bitcoin Foundation & Lead Developer of Bitcoin Core2945Recent Tweets
I really want to know if the fake-license pilots are worse at flying. Article says a crash triggered the investigation, but they don’t say if the crash pilots “were among those holding fake licences”
My first reaction is a grumpy “why waste time and money moving all those plants?”But then I remember this Vonnegut quote: “I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different.”
Tuur DemeesterTuur Demeester 209.17KEditor-in-chief at Adamant Research2815Recent Tweets
Jimmy SongJimmy Song 174.27KVenture Partner for Blockchain Capital LLC2585Recent Tweets
There's a tendency to focus on problems that are solvable than problems that need solving.This is why altcoins concentrate on scalability rather than decentralization. The former is something everyone can propose a solution for, the latter is something everyone pretends to have
Pieter WuillePieter Wuille 64.86KCo-founder of Blockstream & Bitcoin Core developer2995Recent Tweets
TIL the singleton bound in coding theory is actually the Singleton bound, named after Richard Collom Singleton.Are there other technical terms that sound like a generic English word, but are actually named after someone with that name?
Peter ToddPeter Todd 148.95KDeveloper bitcoin core2685Recent Tweets
Zcash's Electric Coin Company got a COVID-19 paycheck protection loan, between $350k and $1 million. On what basis though? How did COVID-19 affect a virtual currency?Also, is the "hispanic, female owned" claim accurate? Gets preferential treatment in a lot of programs.
WhalepandaWhalepanda 225.66KCrypto Enthousiast.2925Recent Tweets
When you raise $35 million in a shady ICO for a useless token & can't even build a decent enough product that doesn't require you to automatically change urls to your ref links. And then you end up threatening open source devs. Always classy @BrendanEich.
There are 2 things at play here: 1. The people that should know about Bitcoin and would buy at the prices already know about Bitcoin. 2. The mass influx of new (dumb money) people happens <after> a new ATH. That's just basic human psychology and greed.
Max KeiserMax Keiser 229.59KFormer American Bank Empoyee. Crypto Trader & Analyst.2875Recent Tweets
Fun Fact:In 2014, Coinye Coin was created, and 2 students at U.K.’s Bristol Univ. thought; why not create a competitor. They called it MaxCoinThey quickly got bored with the project, and like Coinye, it faded away.TODAY: Kanye West and Max Keiser are still going strong.
Listen to this POMPCAST 🔥🔥🔥Chicago options trading legend @jonnajarian drops major #Bitcoin truth bombs“Pomp Podcast #329: Jon Najarian On Wall Street and Bitcoin”🇺🇸 via @YouTube@APompliano @JWilliamsFstmed
Marquis TrillMarquis Trill 2.20MEntrepreneur, Artist, Social Media Influencer, Cryptocurrency Blockchain Investor3825Recent Tweets
One thing about following @6BillionPeople you get the truth and scoop way before it hits the streets! Hope my followers pay more attentions to my tweets, data, information, investments etc. majority of the information I tweet is for my followers to know and be on top of the game
Erik T. VoorheesErik T. Voorhees 367.96KFounder & CEO of ShapeShift.io3064Recent Tweets
Vinny LinghamVinny Lingham 167.54KCo-founder & CEO of CivicKey2964Recent Tweets
Has anyone made an argument that high(er) inflation (5-10%) actually benefits growing economies, as a means of forcing incumbent wealth redistribution to economically active constituents. The counter to this being that zero rates strengthens the status quo?
Alex TapscottAlex Tapscott 23.96KCo-founder & CEO of the Blockchain Research Institute2704Recent Tweets
Was supposed to be in Sao Paolo for this! Oh well - home office will do 🙂I'll be speaking on the future of financial services- DeFI, CBDCs, stablecoins, security tokens, you name it.
Had a blast co-hosting the Enterprise Blockchain Awards tonight. We set out to do a fully virtual, totally immersive, and interactive event for this new era. Feedback has been great. Feels like we’re on to something.Congrats to the winners!#EBAs
Adam LudwinAdam Ludwin 20.27KCo-founder & CEO of Chain4694Recent Tweets
Would be great for users but the services have no incentive to do this. Cash App wants to grow its network, not allow interoperability and thus halt its growth.
Sitting in 45 min of traffic to go to an office for 8 hours is insaneWorking from home with your kids screaming in the next room is also insanePost-covid solution is probably edge co-working: an office 5-10 min away where you can work quietly but "remotely" with your team

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