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A list of the best Twitter Influencers in the cryptosphere.

Vitalik ButerinVitalik Buterin 857KFounder of Ethereum2294Recent Tweets
Roger VerRoger Ver 577.05KCeo of Bitcoin Cash2693Recent Tweets
A sub company of Japan's publicly traded ANA Airline Group just launched their new token on the #BitcoinCash network. As a holder, I'll be working directly with them to spread the use of BCH and ACD tokens across #Japan and the world.
Brock PierceBrock Pierce 62.32KCo-founder of Blockchain Capital1501Recent Tweets
Erik T. VoorheesErik T. Voorhees 338.66KFounder & CEO of ShapeShift.io1251Recent Tweets
Vinny LinghamVinny Lingham 171.30KCo-founder & CEO of CivicKey1431Recent Tweets
We're in a Bitcoin recovery phase right now, since the $3100 bottom. Dips should be seen as good buying opportunities, unless we drop below the $6200 support level. Watch out for network congestion and fees hurting this run in the mid term if it moves up too quickly to test $20k.
Laura ShinLaura Shin 112.15KSenior Editor at Forbes & Co-lead Reporter of the Forbes Fintech3341Recent Tweets
On May 27th I will be hosting a panel about the future of finance and human rights at the I'll be joined by Bitcoin author @jimmysong, @AlenaSatoshi of @CasaHODL & @coincenter's @jerrybrito. Use discount code Unchained25 to get 25% off your ticket price!
Great episode of Unconfirmed with @philchen913 discussing the @htcexodus S1, which will feature a full Bitcoin node! We cover what’s in it for the user, whether it will affect the phone's performance and how the device also functions as a hardware wallet.
Great episode of Unchained out today! @gavofyork and @jutta_steiner of Parity describe Polkadot, how it aims to solve scalability, interoperability and security, when a developer should build an Ethereum dapp vs. a Polkadot parachain and the frozen funds.
Alex TapscottAlex Tapscott 23.97KCo-founder & CEO of the Blockchain Research Institute1311Recent Tweets
Marc L. AndreessenMarc L. Andreessen 710.85KCo-founder of Netscape Communications & Co-founder of LoudCloud1331Recent Tweets
"Authors did not start declaring communism dead until just before its actual demise in 1989. Liberalism, by contrast, has been pronounced dead for at least the past 150 years, though it has not yet actually died."
"Critics agree that liberalism can no longer solve our deep social, cultural, political and economic problems, and that it has become ‘unsustainable’. Not coincidentally, all of these critics are living, writing and publishing in liberal countries."
Gavin AndresenGavin Andresen 154.04KChief Scientist at Bitcoin Foundation & Lead Developer of Bitcoin Core1291Recent Tweets
Tuur DemeesterTuur Demeester 192.89KEditor-in-chief at Adamant Research1211Recent Tweets
This is not possible in Bitcoin: movements of coins for wholesale tx settlement purposes will always be visible in the blockchain, free and open for all. (LBMA is largest platform for wholesale physical gold tx settlement)
Jimmy SongJimmy Song 150.04KVenture Partner for Blockchain Capital LLC1331Recent Tweets
Having learned about Liquid by @Blockstream, it's everything that Colored Coins ever wanted to be, but better. My only regret is that Liquid wasn't created in 2013. That could have prevented the avalanche of token sales that have corrupted the industry for the past 6 years.
Pieter WuillePieter Wuille 58.18KCo-founder of Blockstream & Bitcoin Core developer1471Recent Tweets
Peter ToddPeter Todd 143.87KDeveloper bitcoin core1281Recent Tweets
I was the moral equivalent of a bcasher way back.When I read Mike Hearn's wiki entry on how we'd scale Bitcoin via data centers at first I thought that sounded reasonable. It was only after I thought about how I could attack that design that I realized it wouldn't work.
Nah.Liquid is centralized; colored coins aren't.The assets of course are (almost) always centralized. But even if the promise is centralized, decentralized accounting can be still useful.So it's an option: Liquid is better for some things, worse than others.
Nothing says lame like making some minimum wage cleaner's job more difficult because you want to promote your magical internet money.(I'm not even going to joke about this one)
Luke DashjrLuke DashjrDeveloper bitcoin core1751Recent Tweets
HaejinHaejin 69.83KA profound Crypto trader who gives daily analysis.1361Recent Tweets Gold Members:Binance (BNB) Buy Entry Ladder published! See the analysis that details why and how this entry setup can become a very profitable trade!Gold Members get Lifetime Access to "Prophet Trade Alerts!" Members:Weekdays & Weekends are no different...daily Bitcoin video updates as well as ETH charting plus custom TA requests filled!Gold Member promotion for lifetime locked in annual fee, lifetime access to "Prophet Trade Alerts"!
Combat Veterans make one of the best Traders. Why? They have nerves of STEEL! Fighter pilots who speak with perfect calmness in the midst of a raging dog fight...would make terrifiec traders.Nerves of Steel = Emotional Maturity = P&D (Patience & Discipline)
Samsom MowSamsom Mow 96.20KCSO blockstream & Wallstreet Analyst.1291Recent Tweets
I don’t think Liquid would’ve stopped people trying to get rich quick from making their own coins/tokens, but definitely the tech is far superior to Colored Coins.
The brilliance of @magicalcrypto #MCC2019 is that you can go listen to amazing talks, meet some of the best minds in the space, party hard, AND you already have gifts to bring back to your family! 🐴🐼🦁🐔
My first guest will be Riccardo @fluffypony Spagni. Did you know that before he was rocking Richard Mille watches, he accidentally bought a “Rolax”? We’re going to the very start of his journey and why it was so difficult for him. Stay tuned.
Marc van der ChijsMarc van der Chijs 14.38KFormer serial entrepreneur in China, now investor & crypto entrepreneur in Vancouver.1331Recent Tweets
Nice Ripple $XRP pump today (+21% so far). From the forums and Twitter it seems it was orchestrated (people knew about it in advance and are now bragging about it with screen shors). Still don’t understand that people hold a centralized coin, but I’m happy some made good money.
Under Satya Nadella Microsoft has once again become a very innovative company. With SaaS, in AI, but also in blockchain. Their digital identity system (built on top of Bitcoin!!!) could be a game changer. If I’d invest in public companies I’d sell Facebook and buy @microsoft.
Charlie LeeCharlie Lee 816.15KCreator of Litecoin. Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.1521Recent Tweets
Barry E. SilbertBarry E. Silbert 190.25KFounder & CEO of Digital Currency Group2580Recent Tweets
Don TapscottDon Tapscott 110.76KPresident & CEO of The Tapscott Group, Inc.2720Recent Tweets
Adam LudwinAdam Ludwin 21.36KCo-founder & CEO of Chain2770Recent Tweets
Free business idea for Google: let sales teams pay to set those new gmail “AI” quick reply buttons on their emails to things like “Where do I sign?” and “We can’t afford NOT to do this!”
WhalepandaWhalepanda 217.26KCrypto Enthousiast.1420Recent Tweets
Max KeiserMax Keiser 220.95KFormer American Bank Empoyee. Crypto Trader & Analyst.1350Recent Tweets
Marquis TrillMarquis Trill 2.36MEntrepreneur, Artist, Social Media Influencer, Cryptocurrency Blockchain Investor1520Recent Tweets

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