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A list of the best Twitter Influencers in the cryptosphere.

Roger VerRoger Ver 608.37KCeo of Bitcoin Cash52810Recent Tweets
Nodes are the voluntary backbone of decentralized blockchains. $STRONG by @Strongblock_io is the first to pay them for the work they already do. Go to to stake your #Ethereum
The very first #BitcoinCash ATM machines have landed! They will be ready for the public to use to save on #Amazon via shortly. #Caribbean
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or other physical impairment”For everyone’s good health, end the lockdowns.
Vitalik ButerinVitalik Buterin 966.36KFounder of Ethereum4877Recent Tweets
Google going further in the Apple mandatory-in-app-payments direction 😢We need more competition in app stores and ultimately mobile phone operating systems, and we need it now.
To any interested cryptographers: this continues to be one of the more valuable not-yet-solved problems in making an optimal scalable blockchain. to trolls: eth2 will be just fine without this; it would just be even better if we have it)
Luke DashjrLuke Dashjr 42.95KDeveloper bitcoin core4057Recent Tweets
Marc van der ChijsMarc van der Chijs 13.44KFormer serial entrepreneur in China, now investor & crypto entrepreneur in Vancouver.3157Recent Tweets
Retweet from my new account @marcvanderchijs. I decided to start blogging regularly again. I always liked to do it and feel that having control over my own data is becoming more important (especially with Twitter censoring me). More about this on my blog:
Charlie LeeCharlie Lee 824.62KCreator of Litecoin. Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.3387Recent Tweets
See you guys tomorrow at #MCCVR2020!Hang out in our awesome magical crypto VR world with bitcoiners, litecoiners, monereans, and maybe even some closet ethereans. 😂And choose from a wide variety of human avatars and furry friends! To find me, just look for the 🐔 with a 🚀.
Who's excited for @magicalcrypto VR conference?We have an amazing lineup of speakers. We created a whole VR world filled with surprises. It's going to be cool and you don't even need a VR headset to join.3 days until #MCCVR2020! Tickets start at $15.
Marc L. AndreessenMarc L. Andreessen 794.96KCo-founder of Netscape Communications & Co-founder of LoudCloud4356Recent Tweets
HaejinHaejin 62.71KA profound Crypto trader who gives daily analysis.3256Recent Tweets ETHBEAR 3x = Profitable!I, Haejin Lee, have been trading since 1997.I've amalgamated a trade setup process that gives an edge. (See Evidence of Performance Tweets).Join me & Trade next to me! (Gold Membership is best value!) A Cool 27% PROFIT BOOKED!!My system might get 4 stop outs at 3.5% loss each. But, the double digit winners makes these negligible!Come trade with me! (Gold Membership is cheaper!) How Cool is this PROFIT!!?This setup was posted on Sept. 25th!!Come join & Trade with Me! (PS: Gold Membership is far cheaper) Member Video for Public View!Gold Members have ALL access; Prophet Alerts Service too!Join us & Trade with us!!
Samsom MowSamsom Mow 109.61KCSO blockstream & Wallstreet Analyst.3146Recent Tweets
Is AQUA the first #Bitcoin wallet launched at a VR conference? I think so! The team at @Blockstream worked incredibly hard to get it ready on time - a herculean effort from @SeleneJin, @SagliAlessandro, @0xVaccaro, @domegabri, @Mario_Gibney, @richardbensberg & @nwoodfine. 🌊🚀💎
Many thanks for everyone for coming to #MCCVR2020! We had some problems on the first day and we appreciate your bearing with us. We'll work to get videos of the talks up in the coming weeks for everyone that couldn't make it! Many thanks for all parties! 🏝️
Brock PierceBrock Pierce 64.22KCo-founder of Blockchain Capital3295Recent Tweets
The two party monopoly created the Commission on Presidential Debates to remove the League of Women’s Voters as the authority on who is permitted to debate after the Independent candidate Ross Perot stole the show in 1992.
Barry E. SilbertBarry E. Silbert 218.12KFounder & CEO of Digital Currency Group5045Recent Tweets
Don TapscottDon Tapscott 108.70KPresident & CEO of The Tapscott Group, Inc.4815Recent Tweets
Awww. That’s very kind.Next up tomorrow at 2 pm ET. “Transformations for the Post COVID-19 World.” I’ll be discussing 7 epochal opportunities and challenges facing our country and some new directions for the future. You can register now here:
Join me on Tuesday for a @ualbertaalumni webinar: “Transformations for the Post COVID-19 World.” I’ll be discussing 7 epochal opportunities and challenges facing our country and some new directions for the future. You can register now: #UAlbertaAW
Laura ShinLaura Shin 120.48KSenior Editor at Forbes & Co-lead Reporter of the Forbes Fintech5705Recent Tweets
On Unchained, @aantonop and @danheld discuss the core features of Bitcoin's monetary policy, how it differs from traditional central bank monetary policy and how it has derived value from thin air. Plus how macro forces will affect #Bitcoin.
Watch out, crypto folks: this year, *right under your name and address*, the IRS form will ask whether or not you acquired any crypto this year ... 💥💥💥On the bright side, I guess this means crypto has arrived?
On Unconfirmed, @jbrukh of @coinfund_io explains what NFTs are, why people are talking about them now, what new behaviors, products and services they will enable, and why NFTs are drawing a new crowd to crypto.
Gavin AndresenGavin Andresen 153.01KChief Scientist at Bitcoin Foundation & Lead Developer of Bitcoin Core3285Recent Tweets
I lost about 20 pounds only eating from noon til 8. But only because it made me think before shoveling something into my mouth; I think ANY schedule or diet would have had the same effect.
FDA career professionals have strong incentives to be too safe (to avoid potential blame). And decades of experience in a bureaucracy that (I am guessing) doesn’t reward innovation or even mild risk-taking.
Tuur DemeesterTuur DemeesterEditor-in-chief at Adamant Research3175Recent Tweets
Jimmy SongJimmy Song 178.24KVenture Partner for Blockchain Capital LLC2965Recent Tweets
Pieter WuillePieter Wuille 66.48KCo-founder of Blockstream & Bitcoin Core developer3365Recent Tweets
Some GCC 9 & 10 have a known issue where (builtin) memcmp is sometimes miscompiled when one argument is a constant array that contains zero bytes.How can you have a process that gives assurances for correct software in the presence of that?
Peter ToddPeter Todd 146.63KDeveloper bitcoin core3065Recent Tweets
This actually makes a lot of sense: depression is thought to be in part an evolutionary adaptation to lack of opportunity and resources, as depressive symptoms reduce energy expenditures while you wait out bad times (esp seasonal depression).Maladaptive now...
Press conference by the Swedish Public Health Agency on their success at stopping COVID-19. Telling how no-one is wearing masks, and they're hardly physically distancing.
Coinbase focusing on their mission, not politics, is being more inclusive and tolerant, not less.I have plenty of left-wing views that my right-wing/"non-woke" friends don't share, at all, and that's ok. As for my left-wing/"woke" friends... I don't have many of them any more.
WhalepandaWhalepanda 227.58KCrypto Enthousiast.3285Recent Tweets
Max KeiserMax Keiser 234.63KFormer American Bank Empoyee. Crypto Trader & Analyst.3265Recent Tweets
Mickey Mouse is a crooked, leveraged, job stealing, stock-buy back, private equity ho. And Minnie is no better. Goofy’s slinging opioids to kids and Donald Duck’s a cable news pimp.
Marquis TrillMarquis Trill 2.18MEntrepreneur, Artist, Social Media Influencer, Cryptocurrency Blockchain Investor4335Recent Tweets
Erik T. VoorheesErik T. Voorhees 378.01KFounder & CEO of ShapeShift.io3474Recent Tweets
Here’s the stand that Coinbase is taking (and has been taking for 7 years): changing how the global financial system works by providing an alternative to fiat.So much more powerful and important than virtue signaling a vote for Blue Team.
Vinny LinghamVinny Lingham 168KCo-founder & CEO of CivicKey3244Recent Tweets
Alex TapscottAlex Tapscott 24.01KCo-founder & CEO of the Blockchain Research Institute3054Recent Tweets
Thank you @MatthewRoszak! It means so much to have the support of one of the leading builders and incubators of today's leading companies in our industry! #FinancialServicesRevolution
Adam LudwinAdam Ludwin 20.11KCo-founder & CEO of Chain5164Recent Tweets
"fact checking" is too blunt a tool to combat:mischaracterization exaggeration removing context / quote mining coded or ambiguous language deepfakes bots news overload (DDoS of the brain) escalation of commitment to bad ideas/ideology

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