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A list of the best Twitter Influencers in the cryptosphere.

Roger VerRoger Ver 586.54KCeo of Bitcoin Cash3134Recent Tweets
Q: What’s the ONLY cryptocurrency with fast, cheap, reliable, private, permissionless payments, accepted at over 100,000 merchants? A: Bitcoin Cash
Vitalik ButerinVitalik Buterin 871.50KFounder of Ethereum2753Recent Tweets
Laura ShinLaura Shin 114.06KSenior Editor at Forbes & Co-lead Reporter of the Forbes Fintech3662Recent Tweets
GREAT (and double-length) episode of Unconfirmed today with @valkenburgh! We discuss the hearings on Libra, Facebook’s baggage, what Libra is and who controls it, and why the hearings seemed to teach Congress about the merits of decentralized networks.
Sorry to interrupt all the fun Libra tweets, but I just want to say I am not affiliated with this project: This must be a scam if it is listing people like me who have never even heard of it as part of the team. It seems some people have already lost money
Really important episode out today! For anyone who owns any crypto or plans to: how to not have your crypto or other valuables stolen or extorted from you, with @cipher_blade and @MyCrypto. Find out how the hacks occur, who they're targeting, how to report
Pieter WuillePieter Wuille 59.88KCo-founder of Blockstream & Bitcoin Core developer1721Recent Tweets
Peter ToddPeter Todd 146.64KDeveloper bitcoin core1511Recent Tweets
Funny how Miller is pushing the ridiculous narrative that Bitcoin's scarcity is a joke when he's involved with Zcash: a crypto currency run by a single team funded directly by a dev tax that's expires soon.Sure enough, Zcash is discussing breaking scarcity to keep the tax.
Luke DashjrLuke Dashjr 45.15KDeveloper bitcoin core2321Recent Tweets
HaejinHaejin 69.11KA profound Crypto trader who gives daily analysis.1631Recent Tweets
Part 8: So, as I’ve been “warning” since my BitcoinLive days, be wary of delistings. Also, check the liquidity “health” of your Alts. I stay mostly within the top 10 and venture a bit outside only a little.
Part 7: The deep pocketed “whales” will likely “follow” the Institutional buying behavior. Why? They themselves are “advised” by such institutions. Yes, there will always be a few whales who will be exceptions and not adhere to institutional pathway.
Part 6: will be drawn, but overall; if it actuates, many Alts will be left behind. These “unwanteds” will likely see near continuous new lower lows. Of course, there will always be exceptions.
Part 5: Such preferential buys by Institutions will create a dichotomy of Alts; the wanteds and the unwanteds. The unwanted category will probably include the small Alts with low to no liquidity. I don’t know exactly where and how this demarcation between wanteds and unwanteds
Samsom MowSamsom Mow 99.55KCSO blockstream & Wallstreet Analyst.1551Recent Tweets
Thanks for the copy of #BitcoinBillionaires @winklevoss & @tylerwinklevoss! #TheSocialNetwork was based on “The Accidental Billionaires” so this is basically part 2. Will be cool to watch a #Bitcoin movie on the big screen! 🎥😁
Steven Mnuchin pumping his #shitcoin in an alternate universe:"I don’t think it [nefarious activity] has been successfully done with #TreasuryCoin. I’ll push back on that. Also, #Bitcoin only has 7 tps where TreasuryCoin can do upwards of 30,000 tps."
Marc van der ChijsMarc van der Chijs 14.24KFormer serial entrepreneur in China, now investor & crypto entrepreneur in Vancouver.1591Recent Tweets
Charlie LeeCharlie Lee 830.20KCreator of Litecoin. Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.1761Recent Tweets
Brock PierceBrock Pierce 63.19KCo-founder of Blockchain Capital1830Recent Tweets
Barry E. SilbertBarry E. Silbert 198.93KFounder & CEO of Digital Currency Group2910Recent Tweets
Don TapscottDon Tapscott 110.69KPresident & CEO of The Tapscott Group, Inc.3040Recent Tweets
We're developing the definitive examination of Canada's blockchain sector and the potential Canada has to lead this new technology! If you're involved in Canada's #blockchain ecosystem, take this survey!
"We are at this important inflection point in terms of the future of cryptocurrency technology and the future of our economy, and the U.S. runs a real risk if it turns its head away from this technology [of] letting China lead the way." - @alextapscott
Erik T. VoorheesErik T. Voorhees 350.69KFounder & CEO of ShapeShift.io1580Recent Tweets
Vinny LinghamVinny Lingham 172.39KCo-founder & CEO of CivicKey1770Recent Tweets
Alex TapscottAlex Tapscott 23.97KCo-founder & CEO of the Blockchain Research Institute1610Recent Tweets
Marc L. AndreessenMarc L. Andreessen 718.67KCo-founder of Netscape Communications & Co-founder of LoudCloud1640Recent Tweets
"Authors did not start declaring communism dead until just before its actual demise in 1989. Liberalism, by contrast, has been pronounced dead for at least the past 150 years, though it has not yet actually died."
Gavin AndresenGavin Andresen 155.32KChief Scientist at Bitcoin Foundation & Lead Developer of Bitcoin Core1600Recent Tweets
Kudos to @kanzure for this window into current ‘core dev’ thinking.I think their priorities are wrong (too much crypto gee-whiz, too little tackling actual problems), but maybe I’m wrong.
I think we’re seeing the “if it is natural, it must be OK” fallacy here; we’re de-criminalizing the plants first. If you want your favorite drug legalized, market it as natural, organic, free-range, cruelty-free....
Tuur DemeesterTuur Demeester 197.04KEditor-in-chief at Adamant Research1540Recent Tweets
Agreed. Imo "crypto assets" will rally again as retail re-enters this market (which is not yet the case). That said, it'll be a different mix of assets, and no longer with the pretense of replacing BTC.
Adam LudwinAdam Ludwin 21.26KCo-founder & CEO of Chain3160Recent Tweets
Free business idea for Google: let sales teams pay to set those new gmail “AI” quick reply buttons on their emails to things like “Where do I sign?” and “We can’t afford NOT to do this!”
Jimmy SongJimmy Song 155.68KVenture Partner for Blockchain Capital LLC1620Recent Tweets
* Hacking human desire has been really easy, as seen by the many scams that succeed. * I blame this on fiat money. * We are not used to being responsible for our own things, outsourcing security to third parties. * Bitcoin will naturally make people less susceptible to scams.
WhalepandaWhalepanda 221.39KCrypto Enthousiast.1710Recent Tweets
You can trade the @BitMEXdotcom news of them being probed by the CFTC on Bitmex using this link: Not sure they allow Americans though. 🙃
Max KeiserMax Keiser 224.77KFormer American Bank Empoyee. Crypto Trader & Analyst.1610Recent Tweets
Marquis TrillMarquis Trill 2.35MEntrepreneur, Artist, Social Media Influencer, Cryptocurrency Blockchain Investor1950Recent Tweets

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