TWITTER Influencers

A list of the best Twitter Influencers in the cryptosphere.

Name Followers Who/What Views Votes    
Roger VerRoger Ver 589.47K Ceo of Bitcoin Cash 364 4 Recent Tweets
Vitalik ButerinVitalik Buterin 876.84K Founder of Ethereum 315 3 Recent Tweets
Laura ShinLaura Shin 115.01K Senior Editor at Forbes & Co-lead Reporter of the Forbes Fintech 407 2 Recent Tweets
On Unconfirmed, @nic__carter discusses how cryptocurrencies could weaken the state, how they’re already providing an alternative to some central bank currencies, why Bitcoin is inherently political and why Facebook should have pegged Libra to the USD.
Sebastian Sonntag, LocalBitcoins' new CEO, and Mika Impola, LB software developer, explain why the P2P bitcoin trading company stopped cash trades, how Bitcoin trading differs from country to country, why it suspended buying in Iran, and Sonntag’s plans.
On Unconfirmed, @YanLiberman of @Delphi_Digital explains why Bitcoin dominance is back up at 70%, why a crypto bear market has a positive effect on Bitcoin, how Bitcoin’s UTXOs affect price and why scaling isn’t so important for BTC — but is for ETH.
Pieter WuillePieter Wuille 61.64K Co-founder of Blockstream & Bitcoin Core developer 206 1 Recent Tweets
Peter ToddPeter Todd 147.32K Developer bitcoin core 178 1 Recent Tweets
Luke DashjrLuke Dashjr 44.90K Developer bitcoin core 266 1 Recent Tweets
HaejinHaejin 68.48K A profound Crypto trader who gives daily analysis. 191 1 Recent Tweets
Can sentiment show preference for Bitcoin vs Gold? How? Greater sense of safety; Zero carry cost; Simple preference; FIAT Fiasco; ultimate embracement by governements By the year 2,140; when our generation will be long gone, BTC inflation will = 0.00%
At every v-neck piercing of the ICI line, "Permabears" came out calling for a ravaging bear market. No Sell signals detected! Every brief piercing of the ICI line was a bullish piercing!!
Typical Scenario: "I'm going to buy $150k worth of BTC to HODL at $10,152." "Oh no! Price is now $10,020; damn! I should have waited!" "Ugh! Price is now $9,962...(sweat, pain)" "Price is $9,800..I can't take it! SELL!" At we always Ladder our entries!
Samsom MowSamsom Mow 101.26K CSO blockstream & Wallstreet Analyst. 188 1 Recent Tweets
Marc van der ChijsMarc van der Chijs 14.15K Former serial entrepreneur in China, now investor & crypto entrepreneur in Vancouver. 186 1 Recent Tweets
Retweet from my new account @marcvanderchijs. I decided to start blogging regularly again. I always liked to do it and feel that having control over my own data is becoming more important (especially with Twitter censoring me). More about this on my blog:
Charlie LeeCharlie Lee 834.71K Creator of Litecoin. Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation. 208 1 Recent Tweets
Brock PierceBrock Pierce 63.77K Co-founder of Blockchain Capital 209 0 Recent Tweets
Barry E. SilbertBarry E. Silbert 200.31K Founder & CEO of Digital Currency Group 329 0 Recent Tweets
Don TapscottDon Tapscott 110.56K President & CEO of The Tapscott Group, Inc. 345 0 Recent Tweets
Erik T. VoorheesErik T. Voorhees 354.17K Founder & CEO of 191 0 Recent Tweets
This is cool.... obviously it's a security under SEC rules, but I think this will be a common thing in the future. "Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie is planning to release a digital token for others to invest in his contract"
Changing habits is hard, but we'll pay you to try it. Earn $10 to try out the #ShapeShift Platform... 1️⃣ Connect your #KeepKey or @Trezor 2️⃣ Make a trade 3️⃣ Earn $10 in #bitcoin Give it a try...
Vinny LinghamVinny Lingham 172.14K Co-founder & CEO of CivicKey 215 0 Recent Tweets
Alex TapscottAlex Tapscott 23.92K Co-founder & CEO of the Blockchain Research Institute 184 0 Recent Tweets
Marc L. AndreessenMarc L. Andreessen 722K Co-founder of Netscape Communications & Co-founder of LoudCloud 241 0 Recent Tweets
"Authors did not start declaring communism dead until just before its actual demise in 1989. Liberalism, by contrast, has been pronounced dead for at least the past 150 years, though it has not yet actually died."
Gavin AndresenGavin Andresen 155.47K Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Foundation & Lead Developer of Bitcoin Core 187 0 Recent Tweets
If you want people to hate you, show them they are worrying about the wrong things. You’ll get accused of being an uncaring jerk, when you are just trying to get people to focus more on what will help the most people.
I think people criticizing giving are petty and jealous and probably illogical and economically illiterate. Why they’re also just plain wrong: Against Against Billionaire Philanthropy
Tuur DemeesterTuur Demeester 198.65K Editor-in-chief at Adamant Research 183 0 Recent Tweets
Thrilled to see the emergence of a new scientific frontier: Bitcoin Astronomy. TL;DR: Bitcoin can be used on Mars (full nodes, <30min full tx settlement), but mining there won't be profitable. Martians may develop their own PoW crypto to rival Bitcoin, a hash war could ensue.
Adam LudwinAdam Ludwin 21.14K Co-founder & CEO of Chain 353 0 Recent Tweets
Free business idea for Google: let sales teams pay to set those new gmail “AI” quick reply buttons on their emails to things like “Where do I sign?” and “We can’t afford NOT to do this!”
Jimmy SongJimmy Song 158.44K Venture Partner for Blockchain Capital LLC 186 0 Recent Tweets
WhalepandaWhalepanda 222.26K Crypto Enthousiast. 205 0 Recent Tweets
The way I see a Bitcoin citadel is like the space station from Elysium with all the nocoiners left on earth. Just have to live long enough to see it happen.
Max KeiserMax Keiser 228.32K Former American Bank Empoyee. Crypto Trader & Analyst. 191 0 Recent Tweets
Marquis TrillMarquis Trill 2.34M Entrepreneur, Artist, Social Media Influencer, Cryptocurrency Blockchain Investor 242 0 Recent Tweets

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