Profit Trailer

Profit Trailer

Profit Trailer, is an automatic trading platform, als known as a trading bot. Find an In-Depth Profit Trailer review down below.

What is Profit Trailer?


Profit trailer is a trading bot that runs on your PC which trades cryptocurrency coins for you on various exchanges. It does this by continuously pulling and pushing data to and from the exchange to “watch” the market there. It uses this information to make decisions automatically for when to buy new coins and when to sell. Profit Trailer makes buying and selling decisions based on various settings that can be adjusted in the configuration files on your computer. In practice, the trading bot follows the age-old market rule of buy low, sell high.

Profit Trailer Review. 

It goes without saying a lot of traders don’t use trading bots or like the idea of using bots. Is it true that an experienced expert trader could potentially trade better than any bot? Of course.  Also, there are definitely a lot of bad bots out there, and really there is only a handful that actually works. So always be careful when choosing a Bot. Make sure to check out the reviews beforehand. Profit Trailer is one of them and a star performer. People who are successful traders will have their own methods and don’t need to change their system. However, for the majority of people starting out in crypto learning the required knowledge can be daunting. (and costly if you are rash or don’t know how to manage risk)

The advantages of Profit Trailer.

However, using Profit Trailer has distinct advantages. Especially for someone who is not very experienced in picking manual trades. Profit Trailer is also a very handy tool/compliment for intermediate traders.

  1. A human cannot be awake 24/7. A bot can run on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and monitor hundreds of currencies and trade without ever stopping. Some of the best sales come in the middle of the night when you are asleep and the Asian markets are alive and you wake up to see some amazing sales.
  2. A bot is emotionless. Once you give it parameters, it sticks to them. A human will have emotions. All but the best traders who have honed years of discipline and stick to the rules will not be able to do this and make rash decisions rather than logical ones. The bot will consistently do what you tell it to without fail.
  3. Consistent steady profits. Unless you are a truly experienced expert trader you will most likely make bad decisions. You may lose money or fluctuate your trading balance a lot. 
  4. A big supportive community all with the same goal of making decent money. Profit trailer has thousands of active users and people share tips, strategies to help newbies, the development team is also excellent and open to new ideas and works to make the bot better consistently. You can learn so much from talking to other experienced traders and botters. Some people who use completely different strategies do just as well as you might do proving there is more than one way to win. 
  5. Detailed monitoring of profits and account balances. Profit Trailer has a very detailed log of your buys and sells including a calculation of the USD of your account, sales, daily, weekly profit amongst many other things. There is also a possible buy list, which are Alts getting within buy range. Your current buys will be listed so that you can see at what% up or down they are since purchase price. Profit Trailer will show you the exact buy trigger prices and thus shows a strong level of transparency. You can exactly see how it works as you can tweak settings live and see what difference your tweaks make.

Knowing how to set the bot up, optimize it and what precautions to take in different circumstances is vital in achieving success. You do have to understand the different ways a bot will trade. Leave your Profit Trailer Review below and share your successes with others.


Crypthena Community Ratings

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4 Community Ratings

Rating :

This bot works. Hands down one of the best trading bots i’ve ever used. Highly advise anyone to check em out.

Bt let’s be honest, their site is slooooowbrrooo >.<

Rating :

One of the best Bots I have seen. Works better than Cryptohopper in my opinion. It is pricey though. Their discord is also one of the things that makes it so great, you have help in a couple of clicks away.

Larry Bugler
Rating :

During booming periods, like last spring ( 2018 ) and last winter some experienced Profit Trailer users were doubling their accounts in a matter of weeks. I’ve had some 10% days here and there. As they say, this will of course not happen every month because it really depends on the market, but if you know how to use them properly they could exponentially grow your account during boom times quicker than you might expect. During the bear periods your entire account will stagnate or not grow, but this is quite normal. There is just barely any “stupid money” in… Read more »

Jack IO
Rating :

I am very curious about the performance “long-term” in all market conditions. Do not have the time to continuously adjust the bot to the market that day / week. I am thinking to buy the bot and let it trade with 1 ETH for a while but something is holding me back, feels like I do not have enough experience with the right bot settings. I Think there could be a market for people who share settings for a fee / guarantee / percentage.


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