Haas Online

Haas Online

Haas Online, is an automatic trading platform, als known as a trading bot.

What is Haas Online?


While HaasOnline Software was officially founded in January 2014 by Stephan de Haas, the company name has been in use since the 90’s. HaasOnline’s flagship product is the HaasOnline Trade Server or HTS for short. HTS is a fully featured cryptocurrency trading bot designed to automate trading. With thousands of active users HTS is the premier cryptocurrency trading platform. Their automated trading platform is the product of hard work by a diverse team of professional traders. Many of the features contained within the trading bot exist out of a need to address common trading challenges. Several of these features, in fact, are a direct result of community input. They strive to support the cryptocurrency community as much as possible. Haas Online believes that their software is friendly enough for anyone; from novice traders to experienced professionals.

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Haas trading tools have been amazing for me. They have had incredible results for a small payment. I highly recommend everyone interested into trading tools to use their tools.


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