Gunbot, is an automatic trading platform, als known as a trading bot.

What is Gunbot?


GunBot works in a similar way to other trading bot programs. You get your API key (your license key) after purchasing the program from the official website. Then, you download the GunBot software and run it. GunBot supports PC, Mac, and Linux. The software is free for anyone to download. You’ll just need a license key to activate it. You can view the software online at Github. After you’ve downloaded and activated your software, you can adjust your trading strategies. You set the pair (like BTC/ETH, for example), set the amount you wish to trade, then choose your buy/sell strategy. Once you’ve completed the setup, the software will begin to make trades on your behalf. You can run the software from your own computer or laptop. The developers recommend buying a VPS as well, although it’s not required. After setup is complete, the next step is to “let the money come to you.” All you need to do is check your configuration settings from time to time.

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