Cryptohopper, is an automatic trading platform, als known as a trading bot.

What is Cryptohopper?


Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading bot that features trading on auto-pilot. They are one of the best Cryptocurrency trading bots for buying and selling of Bitcoin and other alternative coins on autopilot. The trading bot is programmed to detect the best time to place positions either to buy or sell. It scans the market for the lowest prices to place buy orders and sell when the trades have moved into considerable profits. Cryptohopper is also the first in the business to integrate external signals! Choose a signaler based on it’s performance and start making profit. The Cryptocurrency Trading Bot eliminates long hours of learning and mastering how the market operates. It can connect to your exchange platform and use the money in your wallet to trade. With the help of an API generated by your exchange, Cryptohopper bot can seamlessly integrate with your account, buying and selling in real time.

The exchanges currently supported by the Cryptohopper include:

  •  Kraken
  •  Poloniex
  •  Bittrex
  •  Gdax
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