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NameCategoryGoalStart DateEnd DateLinksViewsVotes
Elrond Network
KYCElrond Network
Elrond is a novel architecture which goes beyond state-of-the-art by introducing a genuine State Sharding scheme for practical scalability, eliminating energy and computational waste while ensuring distributed fairness through a Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus mechanism
Platform15,233,500$TBA01 Jan 1.34K11
Miracle Tele (TELE)
Miracle Tele (TELE)
Blockchain Mobile Operator with Token Rewards
Blockchain300,000,000$TBA01 Jan 1.05K10
NameCategoryGoalStart DateEnd DateLinksViewsVotes
NameCategoryGoalStart DateEnd DateLinksViewsVotes
Volentix is an digital asset ecosystem(DAE)
Platform48,500,000$28 Feb01 May 73111
SomeSing (SSX)
KYCSomeSing (SSX)
SOMESING is a platform for SingLovers.
Media30.000.000$28 Feb30 Mar 8308
Cryptoindex (CIX100)
KYCCryptoindex (CIX100)
Cryptoindex is an exciting new AI-powered platform.
Artificial Intelligence37,000,000$10 Oct10 Mar 6919
InziderX (INX)
KYCInziderX (INX)
InziderX is a decentralized spot leverage OTC market where you can exchange the top 20 digital assets privately and without verification.
Exchange30,000,000$19 Oct01 Feb 1.09K10
Fluence (FLU)
Fluence (FLU)
Decentralized cloud storage.
Blockchain22,500,000$01 Dec31 Jan 5529
A full service Offshore Bank for cryptocurrency traders, investors, and enthusiasts is Victorieum’s one of many key features.
Banking65,000,000$20 Oct20 Jan 1.10K12
Eloncity (ECT)
KYCEloncity (ECT)
Eloncity decentralizes our power infrastructure into millions of self sufficient microgrids.
Electricity33,000,000$19 Oct31 Dec 96512
Celes Chain (CCHN)
Celes Chain (CCHN)
A public blockchain for institution Regulation and Compliance, Public Chain, Institutions.
Blockchain16,000,000$19 Oct31 Dec 87110
ioeX (IOEX)
ioeX (IOEX)
ioeX is the first blockchain-based business use case that solves real world problems. It's a B2B2C solution for ioT hardware firms.
Blockchain27,200,000$01 Nov31 Dec 62810
Boosto (BST)
KYCBoosto (BST)
Influencer infrastructure.
Blockchain6,900,000$19 Oct31 Dec 7799
GYM Ledger
The GYM Ledger It serves as a health band capable of cardio monitoring activities and also serves as a hardware wallet.
Health6,800,000 USD16 Oct31 Dec 8179
Virtual Operating System.
Electricity22,500,000$19 Oct31 Dec 7958
YANU serves beverages, handles payments, identifies and communicates with clients.
Artificial Intelligence10,000,000$11 Nov12 Dec 54011
DUO Network (DUO)
DUO Network (DUO)
DUO is a new, decentralized, income-generating stable token backed by first-class financial engineering and market proven model.
Blockchain8,000,000$19 Oct30 Nov 65412
EverLife.AI aims to create a gigantic ecosystem of immutable Avatars on the Blockchain to power real-life opportunities.
Artificial Intelligence20,000,000$16 Oct15 Nov 61811
TriForce Tokens
KYCTriForce Tokens
TriForce Tokens is creating a unique games publishing framework enhanced by distributed ledger technology.
Games12,000,000$08 Oct11 Nov 68716

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