Why 3Comma’s Can Make Your Fortune

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James Stone

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Back when I worked in the corporate world, I used to get called lazy at least once a week..

I kept trying to delegate my tasks to my colleagues, instead of spending my own precious time on them. Lazy.

My priority-driven behavior collided frequently with the corporate ‘’just-work-longer-hours’’ attitude. Lazy.

I was even dumb enough to occasionally tell the truth at meetings so we had a chance to fix some of our business-threatening problems. 

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk,. Such a bright guy, but he clearly had no head for business at all. 

So I took off on my own. 

Smack in the middle of an ugly cryptocurrency bear market, I “took the risk” of going without a guaranteed income. I tied my financial fortunes to my own efforts, rather than to the wisdom of senior executives and a prestigious board of directors.

(The real risk, of course, was that I’d be thrown in jail for multiple homicides. In comparison to that, self-employment looked like the safest bet.)

It’s worked out pretty well so far. And it seems that every year offers new opportunities to work on bigger things. From time to time, I find it useful to revisit some of my lazy ideas from my corporate days.

Because I still believe that being lazy is one of the best ways to make optimal use of your time — whether your workload is made up of one task or 10,000.

Signs you need 3Comma’s in your life

Traditionally, being lazy is associated with your attitude or behavior that displays a person’s lack of motivation or drive to ‘’grind’’ harder at something. Sometimes it goes hand in hand with a take-it-easy kind of lifestyle and chilled attitude. 

Can you see that, when it comes to crypto, laziness might not necessarily be a negative quality? 

In fact, it might be the exact quality that helps someone make a fortune in Crypto over the long run —  the winning difference that separates the HODLERs from the panic sellers. 

There is a great difference between ‘’grinding’’ and just letting a stock run its course. You don’t need to check your blockfolio app every 30 seconds, you don’t need to trade daily or work 14 hours a day to become rich with Crypto.

Laziness can be an asset

Most of my favorite stories are crypto success stories

Usually, these stories are either about people forgetting about their holdings or refusing to sell at the wrong time. These people spent much of their investment careers doing absolutely nothing and got rich because of it. 

In comes the trading bot 3comma’s:

  • It has the possibility to automatically trade on 12 exchanges such as Binance
  • It allows you to set up to take profits and stop loss targets as well as craft your own trading strategies
  • With its easy to use user interface you can analyze 3comma’s performance and back-test your own portfolio as well as monitor other user’s best performing portfolios
  • Do you want to organize all your trades in one place? Some traders use accounting software of excel sheets but not 3commas users! They use the trader’s diary embedded in their platform. Gathering all your trade info in one convenient location

3comma’s is my favorite kind of platform. The kind that tries to make your life as easy as possible. The bot works like crazy to make it happen and it knows when to hit that brake button when the market is nose-diving so you don’t lose everything overnight. 

It is currently the second most used bot after Cryptohopper and vastly underrated.

Lazy does not mean stupid

I am not a big fan of the expression ‘’Leap and the net will appear.’’

More often, it works out to ‘’Leap and the floor will appear.’’ 

Allowing a bot to do your trading is about cutting loose of the ‘’grind harder’’ attitude. It’s about accepting that if an AI could do your job and better, why not let it?

You have to see a bigger picture and choose to be brave enough to give it a shot.

Lazy VS ignorant

Be careful not to confuse being lazy with willful ignorance. This goes back to ignoring facts. You want to invest your money into a bot that’s….. Not working. Sometimes you have to step in and try something else. 

Similarly, just trading away based on every news article and ending the day with a negative ROI of 3% excluding fees will only result in you going bankrupt. 

With 3comma’s (rather than inventing the wheel yourself), there is plenty of room for grinding and learning, as well as space for experimentation and thoughtful observation.

What is your Crypto success story?

Ever had any success with trading bots or other successes in the industry? 

We’d like to hear your story! 

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James Stones

James Stones is Crypthena’s Editor-in-Chief. He writes on a wide range of topics, such as the state of market, the best hedge funds or who the best non-sleazy advisers are. 

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